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Especially For Lady Callers...

These are songs that we think that are well-suited for female callers. Give them a try!

Note: This listing is a work in progress. Keep checking back — more will be added!

Number Title Caller Samples Buy
Number Title Caller Samples Buy
RI 940 How Long Will I Love You Kiyomi Taneyama MusicHarmonyVocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 935 Happy Girl Nao Nittono MusicHarmonyVocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 934 Yesterday Once More Kiyomi Taneyama MusicHarmonyVocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 932 If You're Not In It For Love Masumi Nishinaka MusicHarmonyVocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)

4 title(s) displayed

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