Yesterday Once More    (RI 934) 

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Description automatically generated   Kiyomi Taneyama


Circle Left
When I was Young I would Listen to the Radio
Waiting for My Favorite Songs
Now the Men Star Right and Go, One Time Round
Allemande Left and Weave
When They Get to the Part, Where He's Breaking Her Heart
It Can Really Make Me Cry
Just Like Before
It's Yesterday Once More


Heads Promenade and Travel Half Way Round
The Sides do the Right and Left Thru
Now the Sides Square Thru go Four, Around You Know
Eight Chain Four
All My Best Memories, Come Back Clearly To Me
You can Swing and Promenade
Just Like Before
It's Yesterday Once More


Grand Square
Every Sha-la-la-la, Every wo-o-wo-o
Still Shines
Every Shing-a-ling-a-ling, That They're Startin To Sing
So Fine, Allemande Left and Weave
All my best memories come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just Like Before
It's Yesterday Once More


It's Yesterday Once More