Kingston Town    (RR 430)


A picture containing person, person, wall, indoor

Description automatically generated  Wade Driver


Grand Square
The Night Seems To Fade
But the Moonlight Lingers On
There Are Wonders For Every
One.... Allemande and Weave
The Stars Shine So Bright
But They're Fading After Dawn
There is Magic In
Kingston Town


Heads Promenade Half Way
Pass the Ocean, Extend I Say
Swing Thru and Now Boys You Run Right Somehow
Bend The Line, Go Right and Left Thru
Flutterwheel and Then Slide Thru
Swing Your Corner and Promenade
There is Magic In
Kingston Town


Grand Square
Kingston Town
The Place I Long to Be
If I Had the Whole World, I Would Give It Away
Just To See, The Girls At Play..Allemande and Weave
And If I Were King
My Queen Would Come At Dawn
She'd Be Waiting in
Kingston Town


Grand Square
When I Am King
I Would Need A Queen
A Palace and
Everything.......Allemande and Weave
And Now I Am King
My Queen Will Come At Dawn
She'll Be Waiting in
Kingston Town


Four Ladies Chain Across and Back

She'll Be Waiting in Kingston Town