Wish You Were Here    (RI 906)  


 Masumi Nishinaka




Sides face, Grand square
*I took a vacation down by the ocean
but it's no fun with a heart that's broken
ooh baby, wish you were here

Allemande left, weave the ring
I see lovers walking on the beach at sunset
I turn to you, I guess I’m just in the habit
Ooh baby

Wish you were here



Heads promenade travel, half way around
Walk in and square thru, four you go round
Go all the way, do a right and left thru         
Veer left, Ferris wheel tonight
Square thru go, three hands around now 
Swing your lady, promenade her
Ooh baby

Wish you were here



**If I knew where you were, I'd send you a postcard
Having a blue time, I'm so lonely so far

***I put on my gown, I turn all the lights out
Pull back the covers, I’m going to bed now


Ooh baby,  sure wish you were here